Your Computer Printer Has Been Silently Tracking You For Ages

In 2004 an article entitled “Government Uses Color Laser Printer Technology to Track Documents” appeared in the PCWorld magazine. The paper wrote that the color printer inserts the coded pattern in the printed document. There is a all in one printer serial number, date, and time of the document that forms the printed document’s coded design. There are dots less than 1 mm in diameter in the pattern, and you cannot see them with the naked eye.

The debate over computers tracking humans resurfaced when The Intercept published a classified report on June 5, three hidden points. After the information was leaked to the public domain, the FBI arrested someone for leaking classified documents to the public. He is a Reality Leigh Winner who was only 25 years old when he was arrested.

He was charged with a crime for stealing classified documents from government buildings and sending them to The Intercept, a US online mass media. The Intercept then published the intelligence document on Monday, June 5, 2016. The news describes in detail Russia’s efforts to hack the US voting system, a week before the 2016 presidential election begins. Although the document does not mention Russia’s attempt to change the election result, the hacking hacked into several voting system elements.

In a letter of accusation issued by the US Department of Justice, Winner admitted to photocopying the classified document and sending it to The Intercept. FBI officers found evidence that Winner had “The Intercept email address.” This Winner is one of six government officials who read the secret report.

Based on the capture of Reality Leigh Winner, the researchers finally investigated further about the points in the document. They concluded that the dot came from the printer, model number 54, serial number 29535218, produced at 6:20 am, on May 9, 2017. Leigh Winner had likely anticipated a lot to cover his tracks, and he probably printed the document more than six times.

Peter Crean, a senior researcher at the Xerox office, stated that the printer has security features and the code contained in the document only ensures the originality of the data. With the hope that people will use Xerox printers safely, not for counterfeiting money.

But people don’t believe this feature already, especially since America is a country where people uphold the right to privatization. Meanwhile, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) addresses the issue in a blog post, highlighting possible marketing technology exploits. According to him, every individual or group activity that uses the printer for political, legal, or medical conditions can be detected by the government without any legal process.

This assumption is reinforced by the finding of dots representing binary codes. They also claim that nearly every printer company known in various parts of the world has signed an agreement with the government so that any printed paper can be forensically traced. Each printer company started with a different method, a complex code like Canon that creates a spiral pattern, and only Canon’s researchers can solve it.


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Sewing Elastic Types: Which One to Use in Your Project

Welcome to the ultimate guide where you find out which type of elastic for your brother sewing machine will be perfect for you. Well, here to promise, we have to tell you something. When you are picking out a brand of elastic from the market then there is always a consideration you end up making before you can choose or perfect or even list out a product. This happens with a ton of reason and we are here to get you nothing but the best.

Ah, elastic. It’s one word that represents a huge class of products, and it’s a word that frequently generates lots of questions. What are the distinct varieties of elastic? How do i realize which one to apply? What is elastic anyway? This weblog put up will begin to demystify stitching elastic through explaining the primary sorts of elastic which are available, what their wellknown characteristics are, and whilst you need to use every kind. Geared up?

Information elastics: the specific sorts of dritz stitching elastic and while to apply them

earlier than we dive into the principle varieties of elastic, permit’s outline elastic: what’s it besides? Desirable query! Elastic is a slim, stretchy fabric that is made from rubber or spandex cores that are wrapped in polyester, nylon or cotton fiber. The fiber-included cores are braided, knit or woven together to form the elastic fabric. Elastic is mainly used to create an expandable beginning in clothes – it stretches drastically however then returns to its original size.

The choice of choosing elastic fibre

Nearly all elastic is made with rubber cores (although rubber-loose elastic can be determined if you have a latex hypersensitive reaction.) commonly, the higher the rubber content material inside the elastic, the extra the stretch. Most elastic is a combination of rubber with polyester, cotton or nylon. The maximum versatile elastics are a blend of rubber and polyester. They may be suitable for wash-and-put on fabrics, synthetic knits and swimming wear. Even dry-smooth-most effective items can use polyester/rubber elastic. If you aren’t sure which elastic to use, stick with polyester. Nylon elastic has a tender luster and is used on swimwear and lingerie. It’s far device washer-friendly, however should be dried in medium warmth.

So when you are considering to choose something from the market then you have to know for a fact which one can work out for you. Well, it is always important for you and to you when you are choosing an elastic source and which will be really worked out for you. And this is when you have to choose for something that comes off with a higher percentage of range and even the flexibility option for the fibre which you are choosing from the lot will work out for you. And right from there, you need to choose or choose something that is really amazing and this is when you need to figure which is the best offer for you.

The type of wire elastic as well:

Wire elastic is made to be secure towards pores and skin and is commonly used in both jewelery making and in garb that doesn’t require as plenty stretch. The smaller length makes it an awesome option to use in infant garments or when making garb for dolls. Cord elastic is also commonly used to make button loops. It’s miles endorsed handy wash and air dry. Buttonhole elastic comes with frivolously spaced holes created with the aim of using a button.

This may be a wonderful option for kids garb or for maternity garments. You can stretch the amount needed and then button to create an appropriate sized waistband. This type of elastic is commonly gadget washable. Drawstring elastic comes with a drawstring interior. That is used to create the appropriate length and resistance for a waistband. That is an extraordinary choice for sports activities because it will allow shorts or pants to stay up with a more amount of resistance. This will also be an awesome choice for pajama pants.

Or maybe you can make your choice to choose over the wire elastic for your cloth. Well when you are stitching then there are few considerations which you have to leave out here and these are the ones which matter the most. So once you have the choice of elastic to be chosen than it will be easier for you in every sense to make a run for the same. Once you have a shared understanding too then it will be good enough for you in every single manjer that can help you to choose something from the wardrobe that is really amazing and helps you out amazingly. On the other hand, it is something that comes with a figurative approach as well.


Watch the thread anxiety; you may need to modify it when sewing and stretching elastic. The elastic desires to be snug sufficient to save you the material from drooping, however free sufficient to be at ease. To make certain maximum comfort, wrap the elastic round your body, and pin it closed. Wear it for a half of hour, and modify the duration as wished. Cut elastic the preferred period plus 1″ for completing the ends. Whilst stitching elastic immediately to fabric, cut it about 8 % shorter that the desired length; it does stretch for the duration of stitching. These are the few things to choose before you make your leap and choose only the best in the biz.


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