10 Free Mobile Apps to Help You Learn English Faster

Learning a different language is a unique pursuit that leaves you much better-off than when you began. There are proven benefits to learning a different language to the functioning of the brain – while it is simpler when the individual is of a younger age, the benefits don’t reduce by age. There are a lot of ways you can utilize the resources around you for learning a language better – especially for first-time English speakers who wish to grasp the language to its fullest capacity, there are numerous apps available on your smartphone for your very own perusal and advantage. Here are the top ten versions that are completely free in this imparting of knowledge.


An app famous throughout the current generation, both in its usage and the meme culture, this app works best for the ones who are striving to learn the language from scratch. The best part about the app is that it uses interactive games to drive the lessons home and leaves entertaining reminders to pursue your efforts consistently, which makes it much easier to study than in front of a book. You can learn verbs, phrases, nouns and all the fundamentals associated with English and advanced users have the opportunity to practice their writing and listening skills as well.


This is the app for the ones who are comfortable with the English language in all forms except for speaking. The appealing version of this app is that it is community-based, which means you have all the group help and support you’d require to build up your confidence, clarity of speaking and correcting the mistakes that come during speaking. You can also call people who are trained in your native language for more intensive lessons based on explanations in a medium you’re more comfortable with.


Yet another popular app like Duolingo, the app consists of training possibilities for a variety of languages, one of them being English. The fun aspect about this app is that is based on crowd-sourcing as other members of Memrise create the lessons on the learning platform. They are arranged in the form of games which makes it easier to grasp the lessons as well.


This is yet another app like Memrise as it depends on other native-speakers of the language to create the lessons for the beginners. There’ll be a custom level for all those who are beginning on this app and then it diverts to another courses accordingly. There are also opportunities for socializing on social media-like platforms where you can chat with English-speakers or speakers of your native language and share common experiences, difficulties and proved learning strategies.


This app makes it easier to compile a list a commonly used phrases and vocabularies, with over 4000 different options. Another positive attribute of this app is that it is completely available offline on top of being free, so there is flexibility in time and the available information to make use of for learning the language. There are translations available, as well as audio and video learning lessons and game-oriented lessons to help the user grasp the concepts more quickly. There are also options available for training your speaking, writing and listening skills as well as your memorizing skills to encourage you to reach the goal of fluency in the language.

Learn English Daily

There is a simple approach to learning English apart from constant exposure – through the medium of speaking and listening. This is the policy of ‘Learn English Daily’, as they utilize their cache of a thousand different words and phrases that are used commonly for improving your memorization and pronunciation skills, with daily goals of speaking certain sentences fluently making you feel closer to achieving the fluency in the language.


This app’s approach is slightly different in the fact that it used audiobooks and depends on the enhancement of listening and speaking skills of their users. You can listen to genres of your preference, stories and novels with a dual screen showing the content in the language you wish to master as well as your native language or any other medium that is more comfortable to you. A greater variety demands regular payments so you can listen to the more basic versions in this manner.


This app also connects you with native speakers who can assist you in your pursuit to learn English along with a few other interesting features that includes viewing the profile of a native speaker to select a profile that suits you more in terms of interest and preferences. It also includes the option of sending texts, audio messages and video calls with consenting parties.

English Speaking Practice

As the name suggests, the app focuses on providing enough content to practice your speaking skills, improve pronunciation skills and generally build your confidence in speaking in the language out loud. The app also focuses on previously recorded audio content to help you become familiar with the pronunciation and the speaking style. You can then speak and record yourself for comparisons and improvement possibilities. There are options to find another native speaker well-trained in the language you wish to master who will assist you in your pursuit.

Hello English

A reputed and well-built app, it has something for every level of those training in English. There are aspects of language learning, vocabulary tests, spellings to refer, grammar skills, spoken and reading skills. However, the app is not of much use still grasping the language at the basic foundation as it requires that users have an idea of the foundational aspect of the language. You can select your native language when downloading the app for the first time choose among the 22 given languages, which the app will use as a medium for better understanding of English. The app also provides you tests after teaching a certain course material to test your prowess. Download this for honing your basic skills in English.…

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