german shepherd dog

When it comes to one of the most popular breeds in the United States of America, the German Shepherds top the list. The German Shepherds are one of the most active dog breeds that are famous all over the world. The aggressive yet caring nature, fluffy fur coat, and proactive lifestyle make them the best dog for spending some quality time. The German Sheperd dogs are useful in the police force or guarding purposes. The puppies of the German Sheperd breed are very cute as they don’t have the Canine instincts activated. They only play all the time, making it highly funny and loving breeds.

But, there are millions of people who don’t have any knowledge about this amazing breed. Only a handful of people know more information than the origin of the breed, which is Germany. Before getting any dog as your family member, you should know everything about the breed. After having the information, you will be able to provide great protection, affection, and love to the new family member. If you are willing to get the new German Sheperd puppy in your house, then you should know everything the same. In this post, we are going to share all the information about the German Sheperd dogs, which will help you spend time with them without any issues.

german shepherd dog

Everything to Know About German Sheperd Dog Breed

#1 – Temperament of German Sheperd

The German shepherds are proactive. They love to play all the time and have some fun activities. As they are proactive, you should always play with them whenever they want. Not engaging with them will cause them to lose the temper. If you are of playful nature, then you have to play with them and teach them certain activities to make them happy and exhausted at the end of the day. This is the right way to handle the temperament of the german shepherd dog.

#2 – Grooming

The German Shepherd breed has a thick to medium coat of hair. The thick hair is there to protect the dog from the cold climate, which is synonymous with Germany and other countries. The double fur coat will shed constantly and will be replaced with the new one. If you are keeping the German Shepherd in the hot climate, then it tends to shed its fur accordingly. Thanks to the guard dog instincts, they need minimal grooming. But in the puppy stage, you should always wash them with the proper disinfectant shampoo, brush their teeth and keep their fur in the right shape.

#3 – Training

German Shepherd dogs are always active, and they’ll wait for the training eagerly. You can follow the reward-based training most of the time to train your puppies. Training puppies is easier compared to adult dogs. The learning curve of the German Shepherd puppies is pretty fast, making them easier to train. You can do potty training, sleep training, and even activity training. As these puppies are hyperactive, you should train them with some physically intensive activities like loop jumping, running, and others. Also, you can train them to be guard dogs so that they can protect you from external threats in the nighttime. You can make your whole experience of training your dog swift by using Barx Buddy.

#4 – Health

This dog breed is pretty healthy compared to the other ones. The German Shepherd will not face major health issues in their lifespan. But most puppies and adult dogs will face digestion issues. Stomach bloating and indigestion causes much discomfort to the dogs. So, maintaining the proper diet for your dog will prove to be helpful for them in the long run. Make sure to feed them the proper antibiotics in case of stomach bloating and indigestion.

Also, fur shedding is a common issue with senior dogs. Make sure to get that checked. When the dogs grow older, the physical activity reduces, and this causes the degradation of the joints. Make sure to visit the vet to get their joints checked and take treatments accordingly.

Final Words

Adopting a new puppy is an adventure and excitement for most of us. But doing the research before adopting any dog breed is highly essential. The proper research will help you to choose the best breed that suits your lifestyle. The German Shepherds are pretty active dogs, and they need constant action. They will roam your house all day, dig in the backyard, chew on the toys and shoes, and do many things. If you are an active family with a lot of family members to take care of the GSD, then you should prefer the German Shepherd. Otherwise, buying the less-active breeds is recommended.

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