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In this review, we’re going to review one of the popular binary options trading software named as Millionaire Blueprint. This trading software is created by Walter Green and assures you to turn into a millionaire.

Now after watching the demonstration video of Millionaire Blueprint, if you’re wondering to give a try to this binary options software, then we recommend you to check our review before taking any step further. We have completely analyzed Millionaire Blueprint, and we have managed to get lots of proofs which are sufficient to call it a SCAM.

By keeping all those proofs in our mind, we’re not recommending this fake trading software to any of our readers. In upcoming lines, you will find out everything you need to know about Millionaire Blueprint.

So without wasting any second, why don’t you start reading our review of Millionaire Blueprint.

Millionaire Blueprint Review

Millionaire Blueprint is binary options trading software which is created by Walter Green. As mentioned in the presentation video, he works for law firms, and he gets an idea of binary options from his cousin Ray. He is multi-millionaire and with his trading software he wants to give a chance to ordinary people to turn themselves into a millionaire.

Millionaire Blueprint is 100% automated binary software and provides you winning rate of 82% average. The software algorithm is based on the loophole discovered in the system. The software is so much easy that user who doesn’t know how to use a computer can easily use it.

No doubt, Walter provided us lots of reason why we must try Millionaire Blueprint. But the truth is that this trading software is a SCAM, and we have proofs to confirm that thing. In the following line, you will find all the proofs which forced us to call Millionaire Blueprint a SCAM.

Review Summary – Binary Options industry is not relevant anymore in 2020. We recommend all of our visitors to jump into the crypto revolution. But also make sure that you fall for scams like Bitcoin Code.

Proofs Against Millionaire Blueprint

Ten Minutes Timer – Pressure Sales Tactics

If you enter your email id and password to get access to software, it will take you to another page where you will read a message i.e. Only 50 Spots are available, and you have only 10 minutes to create an account. If you fail to do so, you will lose your chance of becoming a millionaire. Now this is just a part of pressure sales tactics, and aim of adding this into the page is to create pressure in the mind of users so that he create an account quickly.

Even this information is entirely misleading, and we have confirmed this by again visiting the website. 50 spots are still available.

In the Presentation video, Walter Green mentioned that this software is available for free and if you signup now. You will get the additional bonus of $500. Now all these information are fake and completely misleading. When we tried to create an account for this trading software. The following screen appears on the screen asking us to add credit card details.

So it is confirmed that they are sharing misleading information just to get the attraction of the users.

Note: It is highly recommended not add your credit cards details because it is not safe to provide credit card details to trading software like this. It is risky.

No Risk Associated. Fake Statement

In the presentation video, alleged Walter Green mentioned so many time this software is 100% safe, and there is no risk associated with it. But this is fraudulent statement delivered by him just to get the attention of the users. In reality, they have mentioned very clearly in the disclaimer page that binary options involve risk, and there is no guarantee that you will able to generate profit.

Just to keep them on the safe side. Those scammers know very well that no one will read this. We are aware of that; you can’t earn a huge profit over night, then why are they making fake promises with users?

24/7 Customer Support. Fake

On the website, you will read the Millionaire Blueprint provides you 24/7 customer care supports. This is one of the worst promise made by him. We have personally tried to contact them using customer support widget embedded on the website, but their customer support is never live. Check the following screenshot as proof.

If they are available for us 24/7 then why we’re not seeing them live? We have contacted them through their support mail. We didn’t get any revert from them, except the spammy trading offers.

Due to this reason we’re not hesitating to raise a red flag for this binary options.

Fake Earning Statements by Beta Testers

In the pitch video, a time comes when all the members who become millionaires using Millionaire Blueprint. One out of them named as Anthony Pitts share a screenshot of his PayPal account with total earning of $1, 841, 255. 79.

Now this is another fake proof of money, and we have evidence to confirm this thing. Check the following screenshot:

In this, you will see “Last seven days transaction April 28 May 2013- 5 June 2013.” Now this statement confirms that the screenshot which he shared is of 2013 and the trading software we discussing here is of 2016. If Anthony earned this much amount in last 90 days, then why he is sharing fraudulent payment statement of the year 2013?

Walter Green is Paid Actor

Walter Green is the CEO of the Millionaire Blueprint and people called him “The Green Machine.” We though he is a millionaire and internet would be full of his success stories, but when we searched his name on the Google. The only thing we found is the review of Millionaire Blueprint, who is calling him a paid actor and his trading software a SCAM.

What We Think?

In our opinion, Millionaire Blueprint is a SCAM, and we want all our dedicated readers to stay away from it. If you’re wondering to invest in it, then we’re giving you warning that you’re making a big mistake, and you will lose your money.

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