Important Information About Digital Marketing

Facts are required to reach all types of destinations of success. Businesses are affected much because of the virus and people have lost much of their businesses and also their employment as well. People are now in need of such thing that can make their business high and you can do that by hiring an SEO expert. An SEO expert is a person who will make sure that how to take the companies on the top of the google search page. If you have started a business that needs SEO then you need to hire this person and if you don’t know how to hire one then you need to see this post because here you will know how to hire the best SEO consultant in UAE who gives the best digital marketing services in UAE;

  1. People think that they do not use emails but the business people do use and you will be shocked to know that 59 percent of the people use business to business emails which is also known as B2B.
  2. Visual aid is the best thing when it comes to digital marketing company. And you will be shocked to know that companies will be soon only posting about videos and that will be the only thing responsible for your SEO. And in 2021, videos will be the one that will matter a lot.
  3. Mobile apps are getting very much advanced and if you want to add more money in your AdMob then you must know that by the end of 2020, most ads will be shown on apps.
  4. The funny thing about business to business emails is that 17 percent of the people ignore the business email.
  5. Many people think that digital marketing is a waste of time but the fact is that if you plan your digital marketing right, you are more likely to get successful by 356 percent.
  6. It is high time to become an SEO expert and in the United States SEO agencies earn more than 73 billion dollars.
  7. If you start working on the SEO every day, you are more likely to get 20 clicks on a page.
  8. Google is the king of the internet and why the facts state that because it dominates 93 percent of the internet.