Essential food items for athletes

An athlete is a person who takes part in various sports and other physical exercises. They have to take more precautionary steps in terms of their health so that their body could remain fit as well as healthy. They can not consume any type of synthetic or junk food or else they will end up with a poor body shape which is not suitable for their profession. For this purpose appropriate diet is very essential because food is just like a fuel to our body. The quality of fuel will determine the functionality of our body so the athlete food plan must include all basic nutrients. This is quite essential because an athlete has to give his hundred percent in terms of performance which requires huge energy. This energy could only be generated if the person is having a proper diet routine. In this article we will discuss some of the essential food items which must be present in an athlete weekly meal plan.

Hydrating foods

Athlete have to face excessive fluid loss in terms of sweating as he has to keep on practicing. This can sometimes lead an athlete to dehydration if he is not consuming sufficient fluids. Obviously it is not easy to drink a lot of water every time so to keep your body hydrated there are certain food items which will surely help an athlete to maintain his body fluid levels. Such food items include watermelon, dates, oranges, spinach, celery and much more.


Oatmeal is the basic food item which is present in the diet plan of every athlete. This is because it is a great source of carbohydrate as well as rich in fibers. The athlete feels fuller and avoid extra eating which is quite beneficial in maintaining the goal weight. But one thing which has to be ensured is that an athlete is not consuming instant oats or else his glycemic index would be raised leading to a spike of insulin levels.

Olive oil

Oils are also a very essential part of an athlete’s diet plan as they can not ignore their body’s fat requirement. Fats are quite essential for the synthesis of various hormones, secondly it is responsible to give you sufficient energy so that your body could perform strenuous exercises. But having fats from unhealthy sources like animal or synthetic food is not a good option for a person like athlete who has to maintain his body weight at any cost. In such situation olive oil is a great source of mono saturated fats which also possess anti-inflammatory property so it will help in quick recovery from bruises and bumps.