Facts about Bean Bags

There are so many facts about bean bags but we will discuss the top one today. The first ever bean bag was made by an Italian furniture company in 1968. It was considered as the chair with no shape and it was designed by 3 designers. They named it ‘Sacco’. The targeted audience for this item was hippies. Hippie culture was on its peak at that time and they launched at the exact right time. This company designed this bean bag with leather at that time but they make it in vinyl fabric now.

The design for these bean bags didn’t change for straight forty years. And in the early 21st century there was a designer name jukks satela. She was from Finland she made the impact on this industry and made a bean bag and named it ‘fat boy bean bag’.

These bean bags are used in combats too. They are used as bullets in shot guns for a situation where they want to stop a person and doesn’t want to harm him badly so they use these bullets.

In the field of technology these bean bags are used in robotics. They are making robots hands made of bean bags. So they get a tight grip for everything they reach.

Bean Bags are really beneficial for new born babies. These babies are at an age where they just want to lay down straight. These bean bags are good for their health for their digestion and comfort. Nowadays doctors suggests that bean bags are healthy and suitable for new born babies because they face some issues regarding their feed. They feel uncomfortable on another surfaces. 

Bean bags are comfortable and they give greater postures to pregnant women. Bean bags for pregnant women are different from other bean bags because they have a hole in the middle of seating. This hole is used for medical concerns for baby. To give greater feels to women. According to research bean bags are better than our usual and traditional furniture because they have more uses and benefits. They have more qualities and they look super cool.

Bean bags are really helpful for photographers nowadays. They use these bean bags as their camera stands for steady videos and pictures.

Bean bags for rent in Dubai or furniture for rent in Dubai are used in number of games just like there is a game called ‘Hacky Sack’. There are TV shows with bean bag games.