History of Rolls Royce

In 1904, Rolls Royce was built by the collaboration of Henry Royce and Charles Rolls. Royce was the owner of mechanical business and when he built his first car, Rolls was quite impressed by it. At that time Rolls was working in London as the owner of quality car dealership. Thus, he offered Royce for marketing and selling of his car. This proved to be a very successful partnership as one had the vision to build engines and cars and other had the skills to sell it. 

The first car that Rolls Royce service center built as a company was Rolls Royce 10hp. Later in 1915, Rolls Royce was interested in building aeroplane engines and built its first car Rolls Royce Eagle. It was the first engine that crossed Transatlantic nonstop. Transatlantic is a passage for cargos and passengers between Europe and America. During world war II half of the air supplies used by allies were through this engine. Though, Rolls Royce was built for car manufacturing but this engine launch was a huge success. 

In 20th century it was a common practice that manufacturers used to build the engines and basic frames of the cars but were not able to build the body of the cars. Different companies completed this job for manufacturers. Barkers, Park ward and Hoopers were the companies that used to build the body of the cars. Employees were solely hired for the transport of engines and chassis to these companies and later after few days brought it back in complete shape and body.

After world war II, Rolls Royce starting building complete cars. The first car they built was Rolls Royce Silver Dawn in 1946. It was a four-door saloon car that was sleek and elegant. It was built from the point of view of export and only 760 cars were built. And was not available in local UK market until 1953.

The two companies that were interested in owning Rolls Royce was Volkswagen and BMW and range rover service center in Dubai. In 1998, Volkswagen outbid BMW and BMW was owning the name of Rolls Royce at that time and Volkswagen had the right to mascot. In 2003 BMW built its first car under the name of Rolls Royce named as Rolls Royce Phantom VII. This car brought luxury and elegance to Rolls Royce and for a long time only this car was mass produced for Rolls Royce as this car was a complete success.