How To Write A CV

Write a CV is a very responsible task since you are supposed to add all the relevant information in your CV. There are individuals that make a lot of mistakes while writing CVs such as bad choice of language or bad selection of words. Some people don’t even know how to start a CV; therefore to write a CV, you have to keep one thing in mind that you have to be formal. Your information should be straight forward and the information you provide in your CV should not look like you’re showing some kind of arrogance in your words. For professional CV writing, you can get CV Writing Services in UAE. You can even make your professional public persona with the help of personal branding. For personal branding course Dubai has one of the best institutes for your guidance. For a basic start, you should add your name and your name should involve every part of your name which means you should not write half of your name. If required, you can also add your father’s name. 

After the naming section, you are supposed to add email in your CV to let the interviewer contact you if you’re selected after the interview. For further information, you can also add your cell phone number. Once you’re done with personal information, you get to the objectives section. Make sure that your objectives are relevant and useful for the company that you’re going to apply in. In the same way, add your qualification which is the most important part of the CV. Following the qualification, add your skills and you should be good to go. Make sure that the person, who reads your CV, knows the purpose of applying. This purpose will be cracked after checking the information of your CV. 

If your CV is relevant, the reader will feel ease to understand why you are eligible for his or her particular company. An example of a CV is written below. 



Cellphone No.


To attain a respectable and challenging position in an esteemed and diversified environment, where I can get an opportunity to develop my practical and personal skills and can add to the growth and the reputation of the organization.


Date of Birth :

Domicile PRC :



Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D and Content writing. 


-Graphics designer for 3 years (Adobe illustrator and Adobe Photoshop), 3D modeler and CGI(concept) Artist for 8 years.