Myths about men’s hair busted!

Many people think that men’s hair has myths that get back to ancient history or something that makes them familiar with the Roman Empire and many more, therefore, many things that they are only myths and busters because it is true that hair has history and such expenditure of correlating facts that can make one look afraid and have frightened himself or herself because they have found such a piece of exquisite information that is full of horror and are correlating with the situation that they are in already.

However, some of these myths and busters that you must know before finding them on the internet or listening to them from anyone that you know or have a relation with so you do not have to look as horrific or frightened as someone looks while explaining it to you.

These myths and busters are below:

Myth #1: I Can Train My Hair to Do Something

Fact: Your hair’ growth patterns are determined by using your hair follicles; meaning, no quantity of blow-drying, combing, or styling can permanently teach your hair to bend to your will. But hey, we are not announcing you should not try. There are ways, albeit temporary, to rid yourself of that stubborn cowlick. View website about hair salon in JLT to get yourself a decent haircut.

Myth #2: Shaving Will Make My Hair Grow Thicker or Faster

Fact: Since hair is essentially protein and keratin, there is no way for it to talk with your frame. So even as some people agree with that shaving causes hair to develop back faster or thicker, this is not possible considering that your body has no manner of knowing whether you shaved or no longer. Interestingly, facial hair (together with eyebrows) generally grows thicker as you age, so it could be why shaving is often (wrongly) attributed to creating hair develop coarser.

Myth #3: Plucking Gray Hairs Will Make More Grow Back

Fact: Hair has color due to the fat cells in our hair follicles referred to as melanocytes create pigment in the hair. When these cells forestall generating the pigment, the hair loses its color. Your grey hair is transparent because it lacks pigment, however, it appears grey because of the lifeless cells that make up the strand. Plucking out one gray hair will no longer affect the melanocytes in the other hair follicles, so different hairs will now not turn gray as a result.