Health care and Homes for Seniors in Dubai

Nobody likes to think about that day when the time will come to put your parents or grandparents in a home for elderly. Sometimes it isn’t necessary, but there are cases when you don’t live in the same town as your parents or your home is just not big enough to have them stay with you; sometimes you just don’t feel like doing that. And there is that unpleasant conversation you need to have with the person who raised you and tell them that you are thinking about home for elderly, which is almost always very stressful. But guess what? In Dubai old people have nothing against going to those kinds of places because sometimes they look even better than your own home.

UAE is one of those countries where people don’t assume that you are not worthy of anything if you got old. On the contrary! They take such a good care of their mothers, fathers and grandparents. That is why Dubai has great Homes for seniors. Every one of them is large building with swimming pools, saunas, all of the equipment necessary for invalids, ER rooms, rehabilitation rooms, wonderful gardens and big rooms for socializing. They organize daily events for their protégées and try to indulge them in every possible way. They take them to excursions, vacations and to the places they specifically wish to go. Different specialists, meaning doctors, are there around the clock, so whatever happens – there will always be someone at the facility to make sure that member of your family is taken care of.

Enayati is a health care company founded by nurses who realized that many of old patients come back to hospitals soon after they got out and they concluded that the main reason for that in inadequate care that people receive in that transition period. They provide care at home and are trained to provide maximum care outside of the hospital facility. At the beginning people weren’t very trustful, but very soon they became one of the most ‘wanted’ service in medical ‘market’.

Emirates Rehab and Homecare Centerprovides help not only for elderly, but they are most known by many seniors who were and are 100% satisfied by ther services. They can provide help and medical care at your own home or at their own building where they have complete latest technology for rehabilitation processes. They are very successful at providing help for those with Alzheimer, Arthritis, Balance disorders, Muscle weakness / atrophy and Osteoporosis.

Home nursing by professionals is becoming more and more popular in Dubai because people have these large houses and apartments so sometimes it is just stupid to pay for another home. If you want to hire a fulltime nurse who will be living at your home it might cost you from 300 – 1500 Dollars per month, depending from the things she would have to do. If you want the nurse to come once a day, it shouldn’t be more than 40 Dollars for two or three hours. To have a nurse coming once per week would cost you and your family between 40 and 60 Dollars.

Good thing is that there are always so many options in Dubai, even for our beloved seniors!