First Timers in Dubai

They say that the number of people on Earth can tell you how many different tastes and opinions there are when timed by billion. The things that you might like in Dubai – your best friend might hate. The food you loved tasting – might taste horrible to your brother. Your sister might never go jet skiing in Dubai Marina and it just happened to be one of the best experiences in your life. But there is nothing to worry about because Dubai is so rich in its diversity that there is literally something there for each and every person!

But before going too deep into that diversity, anybody who comes to Dubai for the first time should definitely go check out the things that are called jewels of Dubai for a reason.

Traditional water transportation by Abra might be interesting for many. Those wooden boats with roofs look like houses moving on the surface of the water. You will be sitting there with the locals, slowly sailing from one too another part of the coast. That would be a way to experience something traditional. Abra will take you to another magical place – the city market! You will be thrown away by the colors and smells coming from the stands. Sellers will compliment you and let you try fruits and vegetables. Tea sellers will offer you a cup of worm herbal tea in order to interest you into buying some of the ‘herbs’ right there at his stand. Ladies selling fabric will invite you to touch the silk and feel how quality it is. Then you should take Abra to get back to town and ask someone where Burj Khalifa is. You will be amazed by its height and if you get lucky there will be some sky divers coming down your way from the top of the building.

When the time comes for lunch – try some of the street food because that is the most traditional meal you can taste in Dubai. After you regain your strength go and visit one of the many theme and amusement parks in Dubai or go ask where and when you can buy a ticket for the show in Delphinarium.

By then people will already tell you about all the great things you can do in the city. Also, be aware of some strict policies and rules that are not to be violated! If you are in Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan – do not eat or drink in the street. Do not play loud music in public. Kissing and holding hands (showing too much affection in public) are not allowed and it might even lead to being arrested for a short time. If you get caught with drugs in your blood – you might stay in Dubai much longer than you planed, and not in a good way. Be very polite to woman and children and try not to pick fights with the locals.

This should be enough for your first time in Dubai. Have a blast!