Being an Au Pair in Dubai

Working as an au pair in Dubai can be a great way to travel and really learn the customs and culture while also making a good salary. As a carer for children an au pair’s job is a responsible one and should be taken with professionalism and care in mind.

There is a great number of families in Dubai which require the services of an au pair as business climate and Dubai’s never-ending business days can lead people away from their children during working hours. Food and accommodation is provided by the family free of charge as well a small allowance which can be considered as sort of pocket money. A au pair is also allowed time off during which you will be allowed to pursue your own interests and take some time to explore the wonderful surrounding of what will be your new home for the next few years.

Families most often in need of au pair services are expatriate European families. An au pair is not a professional childcare worker so you will not be required to possess any sort of professional childcare qualification (although any you have would be considered a bonus) which makes this particular line of work available to most. For these reasons it is recommended that au pairs don’t take care of children under the age of 2. There are no set number of rules for being suitable for a job as au pair although successful candidates will most likely be EU citizens between the age of 18 and 27 and more often female than male.

As an au pair your duties would include taking care of children. You have to speak the same language as your host family at least well enough to communicate with the children. It goes without saying that punctuality, good personal hygiene and good manners are a must. You will be responsible for dressing the children, taking them to and from school or nursery but also playing with them. It is important to possess a lot of patience and be rational in all things since the children’s safety and well-being will often be in your hands. You will also be in charge of their meals, their room and you are expected to be free some nights for babysitting.

The family welcoming you to their home will, in all likelihood, not consider you an employee but a home help to the children. You will have your own room, you will only work a maximum of around 35 hours per week and have at least 2 days a week free. If you consider Dubai as a place to become an au pair you should also be aware that this is an excellent way to get to know Dubai while earning an income with home security and insurance provided by the host family who will most likely consider you a valuable part of their household should you prove yourself to be a skillful and caring au pair.